Print finishes are essential for creating visually stunning stationery which is why I want you to be well informed before you order. From the every day digital print to the classic elegance of letterpress and the glossy allure of foil, these techniques can truly elevate any design. Making the possibilities endless.

I always recommend purchasing one of my stationery sample packs before ordering. This will give you a chance to see and feel card stocks as well as print/shape finishes and quality before proceeding.




Digital print is the most cost effective and quickest form of printing offering quick turnaround times.

This print finish is the most flexible allowing for variable data and gives you unlimited CMYK colour options, also allowing multiple colours in text. The possibilities are endless, it allows for sharp and vibrant colours, ensuring that every detail is captured flawlessly.

Paired with my luxury card stocks, digital print gives you an incredible finish which is why it is so popular.



Hot foil uses the process of using heat and pressure to apply foil to your stationery. Similar in process to letterpress, it’s available in a variety of metallics and solid colours in gloss, matte, pearlescent or holographic finishes. Adding metallic foil to your stationery creates a beautiful shiny, lustrous finish that has a luxurious visual impact.

Digital foil uses the process of applying a hot stamping foil to an ink or varnish, without the requirement of a die or plate, making it ideal for smaller orders. In comparison to hot foil it’s smooth to the surface of the card and has a reflective mirror finish. Unlike hot foil it is very limited in print options and has to be printed on a smooth card stock but equally has a beautiful finish.



Letterpress is a form of relief printing where the ink is stamped into the surface of the paper resulting in a beautiful deep impression that you can see and feel.

This process is completed entirely by hand, combined with a whole lot of skill and precision that's what makes it so elegant and sophisticated. It’s a timeless and exquisite printing technique that will result in something truly memorable.

Choose a double-thick stock for the best results.



All signage is printed on 3mm white PVC foam board.

Signage boards have a smooth matt finish which is perfect for keeping your design looking bright and vibrant for as long as you need. Holes can also be cut at the time of printing should you wish to hang your signage. Or struts can be applied to the back for freestanding floor signage.